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Paris Hilton

The socialite is coming to Dubai to try and find a new ‘best friend forever.’ But according to Kipp, she already has a bff who’s never been kissed, and is only six degrees away.

June 4, 2009 10:15 by

Hosni Mubarak

The Egyptian leader was scheduled to visit the US last week, but he canceled the trip after the sudden death of his 12-year-old grandson.

The military leader, who has outlasted five US presidents in office, began heading the country in 1981, when the previous President, Anwar Sadat, was assassinated. As chairman of the National Democratic Party, he won his fifth consecutive term in 2005. But his victory involved a low voter turnout, reports of fraud and the imprisonment of his political rival, Ayman Nour.

Mubarak has a bachelor’s degree in Military Sciences and Aviation Sciences, and has held several senior positions in the Egyptian Air Force. According to the BBC, he has survived six assassination attempts.

One of his good friends and supporters is the famous actor…


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