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Pay down, expenses up…

Pay down, expenses up…

The latest warning is that private sector employees should brace for pay drops in 2011. Along with rising prices, it’s like living in the West, thinks Kipp.

December 13, 2010 2:51 by

“The figures are interesting because they show that with the current global economic crisis and increasing economic maturity in the region, there seems to be some degree of downward pressure on traditional regional expat packages” commented Amer Zureikat, VP Sales,

Ok so the Bayt poll questions and results are a little vague (what constitutes a “special package”?), but the gist of the day’s news is that we now have less chance of a special package, more chance of a pay cut, less perks, and all this on top of higher costs in the shops. Someone remind us why we’re doing this again?

Fortunately Bayt has pre-empted that question. The jobs site asked expats if their overall quality of life had improved since leaving their home countries – more than half (54 percent) said it had, while just over 20 percent said it was the same. A little more than 25 percent said they were worse off.

“We conducted this poll to chart the region’s current expat opportunities and the level of satisfaction current expat employees felt. Our poll showed that in the end, despite the fact that the economic crisis did impact the region, the Middle East is still a promising and attractive place for expats looking for a better quality of life and an opportunity to save money,” concluded Zureikat.

All we have to do is keep telling ourselves that and it will surely come true…

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  1. a pvt sect emp on December 14, 2010 8:57 am

    Kipp, when will you stop this non-sense writing? Even if the pvt sec management would be willing to pay, your negative reporting makes them to reverse their decision. All the prices of consumer and essential items viz. Elec & Water charges are increasing, if the pvt. sector does not give any rise, Dubai will be deserted back to 1970’s time. Pls. stop bad reporting. Employees have enough options to move away to different part of the world………. Pls. remember that. UAE needs people, so be cautious…..


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