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People in UAE search for Dubai hotels

People in UAE search for Dubai hotels

At least that’s what Google’s new tracking application seems to say. And many people in Dubai are also googling the city’s police.

August 10, 2008 8:41 by

Who’s discussing what? We all like to know what people are talking about. And Google’s new application tries to tell us.

Google Insights, a query-tracking application launched last week, will enable internet users to check out the most-searched terms across the world, and gather latest trends. The technology tells you which are the most searched terms or words in any region in the world, for instance, in the UAE, games and pictures (in Arabic) and YouTube are the most searched terms in the last month.

So, we decided to check out who is discussing Dubai in the world. Not surprisingly, UAE tops the list, followed by Oman and Pakistan.

The most searched term is ‘hotel dubai’. Interestingly, UAE leads the search for the term by a significant margin. Oman and Kuwait, Greece and South Africa are others in the top 10. Majestic, Ibis and Ascot hotels, along with ‘dubai hotel deals’ are the rising searches in the topic. But the result does leave one wondering why people in the country are checking out the hotels here. Is it mainly business oriented, or more for pleasure? Perhaps residents looking for a cheap deal for a visiting relative.

Following ‘hotel dubai’ on the list is ‘dubai jobs’. UAE once again tops the list of countries checking out ways to make money in the city. Pakistan is second. And the unexpected entry at third position is Sri Lanka. According to recent reports, there are about 175,000 Sri Lankans in the UAE, of which an estimated 55 per cent are employed as housemaids. Earlier this year, it was announced that Sri Lankan housemaids had to be paid Dh825 a month, up from Dh600. So, is the salary hike attracting more Sri Lankans maids?

While it is unclear which section of the island’s population is hoping to make Dubai home, Google Insights does list that nursing jobs and Dubai airport jobs are the rising searches right now. Finance and construction jobs also feature in the first five.

‘Dubai jobs’ is followed by ‘jobs in Dubai’ and next on the list is the world’s tallest building ‘Burj Dubai’. Most people researching Burj Dubai are from the UAE, according to the search engine, and India, Switzerland, Australia and Canada come next. ‘burj al dubai’ and ‘burj arab dubai’ are searched more than ‘Burj dubai hotel,’ suggesting that the city’s seven star hotel still holds its charm.

The related terms rising in popularity include ‘hotels in dubai’ and bizarrely, ‘freedom tower’. How exactly is the new World Trade Center in Manhattan related to Burj Dubai? A competition of who’s building faster perhaps?

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