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People still gotta eat…Part II

People still gotta eat…Part II

The region’s food sector appears to be having a more palatable year than many other businesses, Part II.

October 28, 2009 9:30 by

“We believe very much in fairness and trust with the consumer, and all changes we make… have to be for their benefit,” says Sadafco’s Matthijs.

“As a food company we have a responsibility to ensure that the public appreciate the values of quality nutrition, healthcare and the impact… on the environment. Just as in other parts of the world, the food sector here has to take responsibility for its actions and play a productive role in educating people.”

For Kraft’s Tikku, if the food sector is going to effectively reach out to consumers, then an industry-wide effort to educate, rather than confuse, is needed.

“There are many questions on labeling, and this is very important to the Gulf. We are doing a lot of work with other multinationals in terms of at-a-glance GDA dietary labeling. This labeling has been adopted by most of Europe. Dietary information is declared on packaging in the Gulf, but in a manner people don’t understand. Standards need to be applied here.

“We are doing this, and working with the likes of Nestlé, but we need more focus from the media on this issue, on the lack of transparency and information. This can’t be done by one player; we need all the food industry to be involved.”

First seen in Gulf Marketing Review magazine.

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