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Pizza Hut vs Domino’s Pizza

We love pizzas. But not all pizzas are worth the nausea that follows the feast. Kipp tests two vegetarian pizzas, one from Pizza Hut and another from Dominos, and determines which of the two thick-crusted, calorie-packed, cheesy pizzas rules.

Pizza Hut


Not only did the operator understand our order immediately, she also jotted down our address without getting it wrong. Wow. She even repeated our order, quoted us the price and told us how long it’ll take for the pizza to get there. She said it would take between 30-45 minutes. Score: 10

Delivery time

We ordered the pizza at 12.01pm, and it arrived at 12.32pm, which is well within the 30-45 minutes we were promised. However, the delivery man called to say he could not find a parking, and asked us to go downstairs to pick up the pizza. When we went down, the man was on his up. If we had missed him in the office lobby, there could’ve been a delay, and the pizza would’ve have gotten cold. Score: 7

Was it delivered hot?

By the time we ate the pizza, it was lukewarm. So much for the company’s promise to deliver the pizza while it’s still hot. Score: 2


Not only was the pizza not hot, but the cheese had gone yellow, the grease was visible, there were far too many onions and practically no tomato paste. Where did the tomato paste go? And what happened to the cheese?

As for the vegetables, what we got were green peppers, tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms and a whole lot of onions. Coupled with the hardened, yellow cheese, the vegetables didn’t taste of much.

And finally, the crust: it was beautiful. It was thick and crunchy (and yes, we know the Italians disapprove of them).

All in all, however, we were disappointed by the pizza. Score: 1


A large, vegetarian, thick crust pizza costs AED48, including delivery charge. That’s a lot of money considering the product Pizza Hut delivered to us. Score: 1

Final score: 21


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