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Plans to establish fog alert system in Abu Dhabi under way


Warning lights to prevent road accidents when driving in poor visibility

May 11, 2014 4:18 by

Notorious for its early morning foggy weather conditions, Abu Dhabi may soon have systems in place to guide motorists driving in poor visibility.

On Saturday, May 10, the Abu Dhabi Police announced that it is looking into plans to facilitate early warnings of traffic incidents in foggy weather conditions. According to a statement, the plans will include establishing red lights along the sides of the roads that will light up at least three kilometres ahead to warn motorists if there is an accident.

Director of operations at the Abu Dhabi Police Central Operations Directorate, Lieutenant Colonel Nasser Al Maskari, says: “While the plan would not prevent accidents in low visibility situations, it would allow motorists to slow down before reaching the scene of a traffic incident. This could, therefore, prevent pile-ups from occurring.”

The police statement also adds that, as soon the control room receives notification about an accident and its exact location, a red light designed to shine through the fog will be switched on within 20 seconds to alert motorists.

According to a Gulf News report, several pile-ups have occurred on Abu Dhabi highways in foggy weather conditions, with the alleged reasons being speeding, a lack of awareness of road conditions and drivers not maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles.




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