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Play more, work less, is the key to success

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Working for stipulated hours can increase productivity, reveals Cielo report.

May 15, 2014 5:43 by

Encouraging employees to spend less time at work can actually get more out of them, according to a new report by recruitment and talent management partner, Cielo. The research, which was released today, May 15 sheds light on the importance of play in achieving business success in the Middle East region.

The findings, which discourage overtime work, may be frowned upon by more traditional business leaders. However, the report shows that when employees limit their work to stipulated hours and turn off work cell phones over the weekend, it has a positive effect on their overall productivity.

According to the study, 76 per cent of high-performing Middle East organisations make a significant investment in achieving work-life balance. High-performing companies are also 25 times more likely to rate their support for employee work-life strategies as ‘excellent’.

More than 750 senior HR and talent management executives from around the world were polled in the study, entitled: The Cielo Talent Activiation Index. Businesses in the Middle East ranked higher than their global peers in their approach to work-life balance. Additionally, 86 per cent of high-performing companies reported that they were ‘very satisfied’ with the quality of their workforce, when compared with 83 per cent in North America. Middle East organisations also feel they are more prepared than their counterparts for the new generation of workers that will emerge by 2020.

Jonathan Bennet, Cielo’s director in Dubai says: “From our own work with UAE clients, we know that businesses in the private sector have been quickening at the fastest pace over the past five years, which means it is more important than ever for organisations to invest in a workforce that can take advantage of the upturn in the economic cycle. The data clearly shows that high-performing businesses recognise the importance of talent management and the impact it has on the bottom line.”

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