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Please don’t wear our clothes- Abercrombie & Fitch; spend $1million a day in space; Steve Jobs’ past and present fashion sense; and the UAE’s 800-year-old immigrant tree

Find out how Abercrombie & Fitch got itself into a ‘Situation’, discover Barbie’s own personal hell and why you shouldn’t be called a Homo Sapien in this week’s BOTW

August 19, 2011 10:00 by

Jersey Shore’s The Situation offered cash not to wear Abercrombie & Fitch

Fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch has probably made endorsement history when it offered a cast member from the Jersey Shore money NOT to wear the brand. According to this article “Jersey Shore’s cocktail of sex, alcohol, bragging and bad behaviour is harming its “aspirational” brand image and “may be distressing to many of our fans.”

Russian space hotel stay at $1million

Redefining the very meaning of out of an out of the world experience, a Russian hotel, designed by Orbital Technologies, has revealed plans for 7 guests in 4 cabins that can enjoy a holiday in orbit by 2016. Of course, the toilets will use air instead of water to flush away waste—but you can’t deny it is an interesting thought.

Who would wear jewellery made from dismembered Barbie dolls?

The headline says it all, but you need to click on the link just to get a sense of just how truly creepy this jewellery really is.

The evolution of Steve Jobs’ clothing

Even though you would think that The Evolution of Steve Jobs’ Clothing would pan out to be nothing than a gallery of Simon Cowell’s winning combination of black t-shirts and faded jeans, he didn’t always dress like that, as this slide show proves. Oh, and speaking of things of the past, Kipp found this rather amusing, especially the videos on this page: which features a young and hopeful Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh as the best thing since sliced bread.

Bid to rename Homo Sapiens is called unwise

Because Homo sapiens, is a scientific term that means “wise man” in Latin that means an Australian science writer and book author, Julian Cribb, believes we don’t deserve the name. Because humans are not wise, you know. In a letter published in the Aug. 18 issue of the journal Nature, Cribb makes a proposal and you can read all about it here.

Scientists crack the Physics of coffee rings

The knowledge you’ve been yearning all of your life is just one click away. Scientists now know why coffee rings have dark, well-defined edges. Get ready for your mind to be blown.

800-year-old olive tree finds home

Can you really boast about having an 800-year old olive tree in your backyard when you uprooted it from Lebanon and replanted it? Well, maybe you can and that is what Abu Dhabi is certainly doing, as reported in this article in the Gulf News.

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