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Power Play: Game-based training program launches in Middle East

Power Play: Game-based training program launches in Middle East

Game-based online learning program Momentium uses virtual world scenarios to train sales executives for real world engagement.

March 11, 2012 3:29 by

Based on the learning pyramid, “teaching others” category produces a 90 percent learning retention. And within this category, game-based learning tops by 5 percent because it focuses on the application of knowledge in an experiential setting.

Game-based learning goes beyond “immediate use” as it utilises the motivation for each player to progress to the next level, while offering immediate feedback on success and failures while the player is enjoying “playing the game”.

One such program that can deliver results through game-based learning is Momentium, an interactive online game-based sales training system created by E=mz2 Inc.

During an era where employers are asking employees to shut off any fun digital applications at work, E=mz2 Inc decided to bring the learning, fun and digital together to help sales persons increase their top line through the creation of Momentium. While earning points, players are asked to learn key points in sales techniques and sales process and immediately put them into use, simulating a sales call while in the game.

The system was launched in 2009 with 40 missions at a time when online, digital, and application based programs started to gain popularity in Canada, where it was developed.

What’s unique about Momentium is that it delivers virtual practice that allows sales representatives to practice selling online in a safe environment. And now, the system is available across the GCC. The creator, E=mz2 Inc. has recently appointed BAX Consulting, a sales and training company in the UAE, to resell Momentium in the region.

The program is available for organisations as well as for individuals within the Middle East.

Here’s a short presentation that will give you an idea of the look and feel of Momentium:

The folks at BAX Consulting shared some more information about Momentium with Kipp and here’s what they had to say:

Benefits: The benefits are numerous. Instead of pulling the sales force off the field, they can engage in their training during lunch or around work hours. Also unlike traditional role playing, the pressure is taken off the sales person to perform successfully or unsuccessfully in front of a group and take chances, applying the knowledge they learned at the beginning of each episode, during the simulated online sales call. Most importantly the user is improving and practicing his sales performance each day which leads to higher conversion rates and improved revenue stream. A business using Momentium claims, “As we started using Momentium, I was at just about 20 percent below last year (YTD bookings). By using Momentium techniques with every single sales meeting and opportunity, I now have a booking showing 20 percent over last year. From less 20 percent to plus 20 percent is 40 percent differential. All due to Momentium!”

Application to which industries: Since there are 40 missions with 3 episodes each, there is a context for any industry that is looking for learning points and practicing sales calls for business to business sales, business to consumer sales, or any employee group that is required to influence a potential partner or prospective buyer. SMEs as well as large companies can benefit from this platform. Companies like Hay Group, Siemens and a global quick service restaurant chain have subscribed and are currently using this application within their sales teams.

Time and cost investment: Businesses can allot as little as what it would cost to indulge in a cup of Starbucks coffee a day per participant; however, the learning retention will last much longer than that cup of coffee. Once the team has subscribed, the game based application is available to the user 24/7 online, anytime, from any computer.

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