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Concern regarding breaches of privacy in the digital world spreading rapidly

June 25, 2014 4:52 by

By Nadine Sayegh

EMC reveals results from its global ‘Privacy Index’ study at an event held at the MAKE Business Hub yesterday (June 23) in Dubai.

One thousand individuals in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were surveyed to shed light on growing privacy concerns in the digital sphere.

The results draw a number of important conclusions that are primarily comprised of a number of conflicting views on their concern for privacy and what they are doing to protect themselves.

Due to the ongoing battle between consumers and corporate and government entities, the Privacy Index measures an individual’s willingness to ‘forfeit the benefits and conveniences of the connected world for the assurances of privacy’.

Kipp speaks to Mohammed Amin, EMC’s Senior Vice President of Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, to understand pressing security concerns in the growing digital field.

We start the conversation with Amin to contextualise the matter.

He says: “Try to download an app on your mobile. Once it is downloaded you will receive a notification that explains in order to use the app [you] will need access to all of your contact information and all of your pictures and we have the right to do whatever we want with it.”

As it stands, multiple smartphone applications are granted access to your personal information in exchange for using the application, which is unethical, to say the least.

While some applications are justified with their trade-offs, such as maps using your location data, others seem to make no sense.

However, more and more people are beginning to notice the hidden Ts and Cs to downloading or using certain platforms that will ignite a change.

“I strongly believe that this is going to change dramatically and the next three to five years will [see] a revolution in the IT industry and the security industry, in addition to the behaviour of the consumer towards corporations, and vice versa,” adds Amin.

He continues to explain that it thanks to the awareness of the consumer that this change will occur.

He says: “I think the consumer is putting a lot of pressure to initiate this change because the world right now sees how the consumer creates the data and business will not grow without the consumer gaining more privacy and more access at the same time.”

But this shouldn’t place all the blame on the corporate world, simple steps can be taken to protect yourself against cyber attacks or even to limit access to big brother.

Amin explains, “On the other hand, I encourage consumers to become more ‘privacy aware’. They need to do their part as well, as I mentioned earlier, such as changing their passwords more often, if they do at all.”

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