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Q&A with Jairek Robbins


‘Internal motivation is incredibly powerful’, says Robbins

June 19, 2014 11:01 by speaks with Jairek Robbins, a motivational speaker who lends his experience to businesses around the world, to find out how to motivate people to achieve their goals, or motivate their teams at work to perform better.


What is your definition of motivation?

Motivation is simply figuring out what the motive behind the action is. When you can figure out what someone’s motive is, you are then able to motivate him or her.


In your experience, what forms of motivation do people respond the most to?

That’s a great question, because there are two types of motivation that many people are unaware of, which greatly affect the quality of the results people get. There is external motivation and internal motivation. Most people will react to external motivation, that being something outside of ourselves that motivates us to do something. External motivation could be the fear of losing your job if you don’t hit your sales quota. This type of motivation works, but it’s not ever lasting, so to speak, and it certainly doesn’t fill you up emotionally. Internal motivation is incredibly powerful and people will respond in a more effective, powerful, and unstoppable way when the motivation comes from the inside. This is typically associated to what we like to call your big “Why”, which is your calling or purpose here on this planet in this lifetime. It’s the deepest reason of why you do what you do. For example, provide the best quality of life for your family. Since internal motivation is linked directly to your big “Why”, the results will fill you up internally on all levels: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically on levels. Thus, there is no comparison, people will react to external motivation, but they will respond and see much greater results when they are internally motivated.


How can a company effectively encourage their staff to perform at optimum levels?

This is a very important question and it really ties back to the different types of motivation. Although people will perform out of, say, fear of losing their job (external motivation), they will not perform NEARLY as well as if you can internally motivate them by truly helping them develop and grow as a person/employee to reach goals which internally motivate them. So connect to them on personal and professional goals and write out a game plan or strategy on how to help them achieve those goals. When a company cares deeply about the well being of their employees, their employees will care deeply about the well being of the company. This works in every department. So for the best results, get behind your employees’ goals and they will get behind yours.


Dubai is mostly comprised of expatriates, what do you think motivates them to move to the city to begin with?

From the conversations and people we have been meeting here in Dubai, I would say that every person has their own unique motivation.

I have always been fascinated by how the people of Dubai were able to take their vision of such an incredible city and turn it into reality. I teach people how to do this with their life; it fascinates me when someone is able to do it with an entire city.

Our partner “Right Selection” has done an amazing job at reaching out and connecting us with some of the most innovative and forward thinking entrepreneurs, corporate executives and business owners. We are very excited to bring a fresh, new and innovative set of ideas and strategies to share with them.


There are a large number of people across the world that are unhappy in their jobs, but have no alternatives, how would you approach the situation in terms of encouragement?

Great question and this is certainly something I can relate to. The biggest lesson I have ever learned when faced with a moment of not loving the job I was in, was that I was focused on what I could get out of it, not what I was giving to it.

The first step for a person who is miserable is to focus on what value they can add to their company, department and community around them. When you are focused on giving, it will fill you up emotionally.

If you happen to be a manager dealing with a team that seems to be miserable… I would focus on helping you better understand the motive behind why your team is there in the first place. When you can better understand the motives of each individual, you can customize your approach to better motivate them to action for THEIR reasons vs. yours or the company’s reasons.

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