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Rail in the GCC

Contractors are being shortlisted for the construction of a $15.5bn rail network which will run from Kuwait to Oman and Yemen. We assess the opportunities it will bring for big business, backpackers and commuters.

January 20, 2010 4:18 by


The Arab world’s poorest country was not included in the original plans for the GCC rail network. But in October last year it was announced that the railway would extend across the Omani border into Yemen. According to an official from the UAE, quoted in the Gulf Daily News, “the GCC has accepted in principle to extend the railway link to Yemen from Oman.”

Yemen’s investment in the rail project is predicted to amount to $3.5 billion. According to Reuters, the 2,500km passenger and cargo network will run from the Saudi border along the Yemeni coast to Oman, passing through Aden.

Yemen does not currently have any rail infrastructure in place.


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