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Food prices are supposed to go down, TV viewing is expected to go up, and the government is giving away $1 million to the best Arabic drama during the holy month this year.

August 31, 2009 12:11 by

Food and the financial crisis

Corporate iftars have become commonplace in Dubai during Ramadan; they are an opportunity for businessmen and women to network, eat and have casual social gatherings.

However, iftars of this sort have reduced in Dubai this year because of the effect of the global financial crisis, says a recent report by the Wall Street Journal. Firms in the city are cutting costs allocated to host events, and demand for Ramadan tents has fallen.

An event organizer told the paper that the cost for a company to hire an entire Ramadan tent, including food, drinks and service for an evening at one of Dubai’s top hotels is AED50,000 for up to 200 people.


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