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Food prices are supposed to go down, TV viewing is expected to go up, and the government is giving away $1 million to the best Arabic drama during the holy month this year.

August 31, 2009 12:11 by


A recent survey by the Arab Advisors Group found that 62 percent of TV viewers in the UAE change their television viewing habits during Ramadan. Around 20 percent watch TV between three to six hours more, due to shorter working hours and the variety of new TV programs. However, according to the survey, 34.2 percent watch less TV during Ramadan, probably because they spend more time praying and socializing with relatives and friends.

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, reports say that the average television viewing period increases from four to seven hours a day during Ramadan.

Some of the most popular serials include Tash Ma Tash, Bab Al Hara, Funajan Al Dam- all on MBC, Balqees (The Queen of Sheba) on Dubai TV and Al Sham Al Adiyii on Rotana.


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