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Food prices are supposed to go down, TV viewing is expected to go up, and the government is giving away $1 million to the best Arabic drama during the holy month this year.

August 31, 2009 12:11 by


TV ad rates during Ramadan usually rise considerably, but according to a report in Emirates Business, the rates this year have not exceeded last year’s ceiling.

MBC1’s most expensive programs this year include Bab Al Hara at 12.00am, Tash Ma Tash at 7.30pm and Bayni wa Baynak at 9.00pm, all of which charge AED130,000 for a 30 second spot, says the report.
The station charges AED100,000 for 30 seconds on the cartoon Umm Hadjan and the comedy serial Umm Halah.

Other peak time programs on MBC1 cost AED75,000 for 30 seconds, and programs at normal times cost up to AED55,000 per spot.

Dubai TV charges a maximum of AED45,000 for programs such as Zaman Al Aar and Khass Jiddan, and between AED37,500 and AED18,500 for other programs.


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