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Ready for, ready for, ready for take off

Ready for, ready for, ready for take off

Its good news all around this week in the aviation industry, with Emirates on the look out to hire, Etihad signing multi-billion dollar deals, and in-flight catering on the increase.

March 9, 2011 4:01 by

Kipp had to go the airport to pick up a relative and couldn’t help but notice how crowded and busy the airport is. But of course, we shouldn’t be surprised; if this week’s headlines are anything to go by business in the world of aviation is very healthy indeed.

Here is a quick round up of some of the biggest stories in the sector recently.

Emirates Airlines hiring again

At the heart of the recession Emirates Airlines’ hiring was put on an indefinite pause. But since then, the company has started hiring again, slowly but surely getting recruitment up to pre-crisis levels. And after its announcement this week, Kipp can say Emirates Airlines is in full throttle as far as cabin crew is concerned. For one thing, the airline announced at ITB, a Berlin travel fair, that it is planning to hire more than 4,000 cabin crew by the end of this year to service their growing fleet of A380s. Each A380 requires more than 150 crew, with 133 cabin crew and 20 pilots. In a statement issued at the conference the airline is reported to have said “Emirates is currently in full recruitment mode. (…) It took us 25 years to get to 40,000 employees, but in the next 10 years we will double that to 80,000.” Kipp’s CV is at the ready.

Increase in In-flight Catering

Abu Dhabi In-flight Catering Company (ADIFC) this week announced that it had experienced a 17.4 percent increase in production compared with it is production rates of 2009. The traffic growth at Abu Dhabi International Airport contributed to the increase in production, apparently. For the year 2010, the company produced an average of 24,000 meals per day, totaling 8.763 million meals in 2010. The most significant boost to production came during the F1 at Yas, when ADIFC produced over 33,000 airline meals in one day.

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