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Real cost of sending your child to a Dubai school

Schools in Dubai

Ambareen Musa, founder of, reminds parents of the hidden and additional costs of education.

May 23, 2013 1:19 by

The school fees are paid, which means you can strike that expense off your list for another 12 months. Or can you? If you haven’t factored in the added extras that come with Dubai school fees, then now is the time to start.

Sending your child to a Dubai school is an expensive exercise. First you need to compare all the Dubai schools to find the right one for your child, and your wallet.  You can search by location, curriculum and eventually sort by fees and more importantly compare all the extra costs such meals, school fees and extra curricular activities.  According to a recent study by our team at, prices range from Dh2,500 a year to more than Dh90,000, depending on the establishment you choose, so it’s not a decision you can take lightly.

But as well as the fees, there are a whole host of other expenses to consider. From school shoes and uniforms to school trips, lunches, craft markets, book fairs, charitable donations, presents for teachers and more; sending a child to school is more than the standard fees.And it’s not just what happens in school hours that you need to consider.

Getting to and from school will cost too. If you are driving there yourself there is petrol to consider, otherwise a regular taxi fare or school bus fees will quickly add up. In addition to that, there is also the cost of what to do with the kids after school.

While non-working mums may shell out for after school clubs such as ballet, musical instrument lessons or extra tuition, working parents may hire the services of nurseries or nannies to care for their offspring after hours. It’s a series of costs that can see some parents spending thousands of dirhams on top of the standard fees.

Hala El Khoury, 29, from Lebanon, estimates she spends an extra Dh15,000 on her four-year-old daughter’s education on top of the Dh23,400 she already spends on fees.

This could double when her seven-month-old son joins her daughter at one of the Dubai schools.  While the extra amount is not a surprise to her, she does feel it is “too much”.

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  1. atm mum on May 24, 2013 12:47 pm

    as you go ahead , you have classes in the subjects where the kid needs help . Maths , science and arabic classes ranges between 100- 150 per hour , plus an sport take 60 per class . I have realized that the indian schools though look cheaper to the UK schools in fees , cover up equally in terms of tuitions especially for average kids .


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