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Reality TV shows

With controversies and millionaires, reality TV has managed to capture audiences across the world.

June 15, 2009 3:23 by

More from the Middle East

Stars of Science, a new Qatari reality TV show that features 16 contestants of Arab origin representing 11 countries, recently started airing on television. The contestants, aged between 21 and 31, have to turn their ideas into a marketable product, and the winner walks home with $300,000.

Endemol, the company that is behind shows such as Big Brother and Deal or No Deal, recently announced that it is planning to produce the second season of Ton of Cash, a game show that screened on Abu Dhabi TV last year. In the 13-week series, teams of contestants have to drag a ton of prize money through various obstacles. Last year, the winning team took home AED 1.5 million ($408,000).

This year, the show will be produced in Lebanon and Turkey. “Although the format remains the same, we have come up with a more sophisticated set of challenges for our contestants this year and the terrain will be very different from the desert landscape we had the last time,” said Ziad Kebbi, managing director of Endemol Middle East.


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