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Reason to quit

Reason to quit

A new survey has revealed the top reasons professionals in the UAE may quit after the summer.

August 30, 2010 3:59 by

A press release reaches Kipp’s desk that announces almost half of UAE professionals may dive back into the job market after they get back from the summer holidays because they don’t think they’ll get promoted.

According to Regus, a global provider of “innovative workspace solutions” (offices, meeting rooms, business lounges, video comm. suites), 47 percent of respondents to its global survey said that not finding the next rung in the career ladder would be the top “get me out of here” factor for them.

The survey took in 15,000 business respondents from Regus’s global contacts database of more than a million people. Participants were asked which issues would drive them to quit their job, and which perks would retain them.

So, what are the top five reasons professionals would quit their job this year? According to Regus, they are:
1. Lack of communication and involvement by top management (51 percent)
2. Lack of promotion despite good work results (47 percent)
3. Lack of company “vision” (31 percent)
4. Too lengthy commute to work (25 percent)
5. Your boss taking the credit for your own work (24 percent)

So how about the UAE specifically? Well, in this country almost a quarter of respondents would also leave because of overwork (24 percent), and further dissatisfactions were lack of administrative support (22 percent) and rude colleagues (18 percent).

Mark Dixon, CEO of Regus, said, “As workers pack up their swim-suits and towels after the holidays, they are more likely to dwell on the pros and cons of the job that is waiting for them at home. With reports indicating that one of the effects of the recovery is that many more employees have started quitting their jobs and looking around for new ones, businesses that are not providing all the trimmings may be heading for a brain-drain of their best talent.

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