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Region rides the railroad

Region rides the railroad

It’s not just the upcoming Dubai Metro; the whole region is gearing up to welcome many more train lines.

September 1, 2009 2:05 by

3. In March this year, authorities in the UAE approved the trans-emirates rail network, which will see a double track rail service built from Ruwais in Abu Dhabi to Fujairah. Tenders for the project will be offered by 2015. According to reports, it could cost more than $3 billion.

4. Abu Dhabi is planning several rail networks including a freight rail network, a 130 km long metro, a 340 km long tram system and 580 kms of high speed rail to Al Ain, Dubai and Al Gharbia. According to officials, the first phase of the light-rail tram system will be operational by 2014, and the first phase of the metro will be ready to operate by 2015.

5. Bahrain announced earlier this year that it expects a study for its $8.12 billion rail plan to be completed by September 2010. The country is planning to build the 184km network in three phases, and to complete it by 2030.

6. Work on the 40km long railroad bridge, the Bahrain-Qatar Friendship Causeway, is expected to start next year. According to reports, the project is estimated to cost $3 billion – an amount that will be borne by both countries. It is expected to take four and a half years to complete.

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