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‘Regional firms must increase security to combat cyber crime’


Companies’ IT infrastructure must be well prepared to tackle potential threats, says industry expert

June 8, 2014 3:09 by

Cyber crime is any form of criminal activity that uses a computer as a tool or target.

They can range from cyber bullying and blackmail to identity theft and fraud, but all types of cyber crimes inflict some form of damage on the victim. Data breach and personal information theft has been dominating headlines for the past few years. And organisations across the world and the Middle East region have been forced to improve their security measures. speaks with Terry Erdle, executive vice-president of certification and learning at IT trade association CompTIA, to find out what the regional cyber security situation is.

Erdle says, regarding cyber crime, the Middle East region is in the centre of the pack and regional organisations need to improve security. “Training of all employees in basic cyber security procedures, as well as training and certification of IT personnel in cyber security best practices (design, deployment, detection, response and correction), is important. Companies need to ensure that the people running their IT infrastructure are prepared for any eventuality and understand how to thwart any potential threats.”

One in every eight (legitimate) websites is vulnerable to attack due to a critical vulnerability, reveals 2014 research by the Symantec Corporation. The Internet Security Threat Report also adds that, in 2013, 552 million unique identities were exposed through data breaches of multiple organisations.

While many naturally assume that there are some sectors that are more vulnerable to attacks than others, Erdle adds: “All industries are dependent on IT to at least some extent and are, therefore, vulnerable to cyber crimes. Financial and retail industries are particularly interesting for cyber criminals, because of the financial potential and volume of information they can possibly attach.”

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