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Remember, women love confidence

Remember, women love confidence

It’s the most attractive quality for investors too, apparently. Good news for the UAE, then; our new found confidence will have them queuing (unless Bahrain and Qatar beat us to it).

January 3, 2011 5:02 by

As Sundip Chahal, Chief Operating Officer of YouGov Siraj explains in his contractually-agreed press release line count: “Gauging consumer opinion is a powerful tool for revealing the current attitudes and sentiments about the business and economic conditions in a specific country and to see how these change overtime.” And sentiments are improving.

Sure, the confidence growth in the UAE may be gradual, but we’ll take it for now. The only thing we have to watch out for now is pesky Qatar and that upstart Bahrain; riding high on a good year the pair posted increases in confidence of 9.4 and 10.4 points respectively. Once again, we’ve no idea what that means, but it sure sounds good. Confidence has already won Qatar the FIFA World Cup, who knows what else it will do for them? They’ll be stealing all our investment before you can say “colossal infrastructure investment.”

Want some more? Well, in the UAE, some 25 percent of us think we’re better off than last year, while 35 percent think they’re holding steady. Unfortunately, almost as many (34 percent) say things are getting worse for them here. Once again, we’re optimistic though, with 50 percent of us believing our personal finances will be better next year, and only 9 percent thinking things will be worse.

There’s some other stuff in there about how we feel about the labour market (in the UAE 36 percent believe the labour market is set to improve, while 22 percent think it will get worse), and a region wide stat that says 63 percent of people think salaries have not kept pace with cost of living (19 percent think they have). But the take away figure is that confidence. All together folks: “For we’ve got, high hopes, we’ve got high hopes…”

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