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Riad Kamal

How is the CEO of Arabtec Holding linked to a famous alien–bashing movie star? And where does Saudi’s richest man fit in?

April 15, 2009 12:55 by

Riad Kamal

Riad Kamal, CEO of Arabtec Holding, has denied reports made by the BBC’s Panorama program that the company’s labor camps are “filthy and overcrowded,” and has even invited journalists to tour seven of the company’s camps in Dubai on Thursday.

The documentary contained footage of overflowing raw sewage leaking through a pipe in one of the company’s labor camps. One worker complained about the toilets being “so filthy they are unusable” and the roads around the camp are blocked by garbage and water.

Kamal has accused Panorama of being unfair in its reporting of the conditions of workers, and has said that all the Arabtec camps are cleaned everyday.

As the CEO of Arabtec Holding, Kamal has been involved with making several deals across the region. Last year, during the signing of an agreement between Emirates Falcom Electromechanical, an Arabtec subsidiary, and LG Electronics, Kamal shook hands with…


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