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RIM Take-over?; The Ugly Truths about Davos; NASA captures Dubai’s ‘insane’ 11-year urbanisation

Best of the Web this week brings you speculations about a possible RIM take over, an excellent 404 web page and an interesting and unlikely lesson in branding to be learnt from the on going Egyptian voting process...

January 26, 2012 4:43 by

A few truths about Davos

Davos:It is that time of the year again…and whatever your feelings maybe towards the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, you might find this blog rather interesting. Why? It is written by Lance Knobel, who went to every meeting at Davos for ten straight years and was also responsible for organising the program in 2000. His experience lends for an interesting review of Davos, here is an interesting teaser:

“The dark, dirty secret you learn when you run the program at Davos is that the vast majority of CEOs have nothing to say. That doesn’t mean they are bad CEOs. It’s just that there is no correlation between being a successful business leader and having interesting ideas and the ability to express them.”

RIM and Blackberry on the edge under new CEO

RIM’s newly appointed CEO Thorsten Heins  has had speculators wondering whether the motivations behind his appointment have to do with a potential redirection of RIM’s focus or alternatively a take over?

Nosh: 404

OK, so this is a rather dated, 6 months old, ancient by online standards-yet it amused us so much we thought to include it in this weeks Best Of the Web. Here is an excellent example of ‘thinking outside of the digital box.’ Check out what happens when you go to Nosh’s website when it is ‘literally’ down.

NASA captures Dubai’s ‘insane’ 11-year urbanisation

Ever had a feeling someone’s watching you? Well NASA’s been stalking Dubai for 11 years now. And here’s a compilation of their photos.

Egypt vote: The weird and wonderful party logos

One year since the Egyptian revolution began, it is an interesting to exercise to see exactly where the country has reached. Which is why, we thoroughly enjoyed this lesson in branding, pointed out by the BBC. If you can’t seem to figure out the link, check out the link (wink, wink)-trust us, you shan’t regret it.

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