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Ringing up sales

Ringing up sales

Several Du and Etisalat mobile numbers are currently being auctioned on and the bidding wars are going strong.

January 6, 2009 11:21 by

AED 3,500. That’s the amount that 9939949, a “top VIP number” is currently bidding at in The seller Al Shaba from Ajman claims that the Etisalat number is new and that it will be instantly activated. The only thing the buyer needs to do is to carry a driving license ID copy or a passport copy along with residence visa copy and collect the item within 48 hours.

The number has a “wonderful tone to pronounce and a swift dialing style” says the seller. It has managed to tempt 16 bids so far.

Another similar number from Al Shaba, 9939969 has got fewer bids so far at 12, and is currently commanding a price tag of AED1,850.

055-5208888, a “great Du number” from Fujairah’s K_Alk has proved to be more enticing; the current bidding stands at AED5,000. A used number, it has been on auction since mid November 2008, and has attracted 15 bids so far.

But “VVIP number” 9222233 from Etisalat has proved to be very lucky for Sonia123, its seller, who has so far received 28 bidders. The price for the new number currently stands at AED22,000.

Others haven’t been quite as lucky though. The “VVIP Etisalat number” 050-9899988, for which the seller has demanded AED80,000, the “Du VVVIP number” 055-5445757, for which the seller wants AED50,000, and “Etisalat’s most elegance number…once used by a famous football star”, 050-5566X66, which is demanding AED15,000 have not yet enticed any bidders.

How much do you value your mobile phone number? And what’s the maximum amount that you would be willing to pay for it?

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