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Sama Dubai

The government-owned property developer’s employees are allegedly latest in list of executives investigated for bribery.

August 26, 2008 5:42 by

Dubai Towers

Sama Dubai is also developing the “Dubai Towers” brand, with current projects in Dubai and Doha. The mixed-use buildings offer office space along with residential, retail and hospitality areas.
The developer claims that the Dubai Towers Doha will be the tallest mixed-use building in Qatar, when it is completed in 2010. The 437 meter tall building is estimated to cost around $620m.
The Dubai Towers, Dubai was announced in 2006, and is located in the Lagoons’ Central Business District. It consists of a cluster of structures, which are designed to represent the movement of candle light.
Sama Dubai has also announced “Dubai Towers” projects in Istanbul and Casablanca.


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