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Sandance organisers offer full refund to all attendees of New Year’s Eve event


Every ticketholder also promised 50 per cent discount for next music festival.

January 5, 2014 3:19 by

After a severe public backlash last week, the organisers of the Sandance music festival have announced that all attendees of the New Year’s Eve event will be given a full refund.

The decision comes after hundreds of people were unable to access the event, after being stranded on shuttle buses in traffic for hours, with many being forced to cancel their plans for the night.

According to a spokesperson of Atlantis, The Palm, where the event was held, every ticketholder will be given their money back – even those who actually made it to the music festival. They added that every ticketholder would also receive a 50 per cent discount on the entrance ticket value for the next Sandance music festival.

The organisers have apologised repeatedly for the logistic failure of the event, but revealed that the situation was influenced by different factors that were out of their control.

Since local authorities blocked free access to Atlantis, The Palm, 17,000 attendees were assured that dedicated shuttle buses would be available to transport them to the venue and that the journey would only take between eight to ten minutes. However, according to various reports, it took roughly 90 minutes, while hundreds were stranded for hours.

Disgruntled residents took to social media last week to voice their dissatisfaction and anger, with many demanding an apology and compensation. However, based on the public sentiment on social media this weekend, many have praised the organisers for their quick response and promise of compensation.

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