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Saqib Ali

How is the UAE cricket player who has just been banned from playing for a year after assaulting an umpire, connected to the singer who was accused of assaulting young boys?

June 17, 2009 3:47 by

Saqib Ali

The UAE international cricket player Saqib Ali has been banned from playing for a year after he was found guilty of attempting to assault an umpire during a local Twenty20 cup. During the match, Ali reportedly had a heated argument with Mohammed Asif, the umpire, after which he threw a bail at him, which instead hit a teammate.

Inam-ul-Haq, the general secretary of the Abu Dhabi Cricket Council (ADCC) told The National that “Saqib was apologetic and admitted his misconduct on the field. He said that he got ‘emotional’ but we can’t allow him to go unpunished for such a serious offence.

“Saqib has captained the UAE and is a current international. He has a responsibility. We have taken this decision after a thorough investigation, and after speaking to the umpires, some of the players, the scorers and an ADCC official, who were present during the match.”

An all rounder, Ali made his debut for the UAE in 2006 and scored his maiden first-class century against Scotland in Sharjah. Originally from Pakistan, Ali has played several matches with international teams, and has faced players like…


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