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Saudi’s idle citizens

Saudi’s idle citizens

The Kingdom is aggressively trying to promote education in a bid to limit rising levels of unemployment.

January 21, 2010 1:51 by

Many young people in Saudi appear to be apprehensive about the situation.

A recent study conducted by a Saudi-based NGO, The Royah Center for Social Studies, found that 84 percent of the 1,500 young Saudis surveyed are worried about future unemployment. While 87 percent were concerned about financial security, 85 percent were anxious about finding a good job. Interestingly though, 68 percent of the male respondents said that they wanted their spouses to be full-time housewives.

To deal with current unemployment, officials in the country recently mulled over providing unemployed Saudis with financial assistance once every six or eight months. But the idea was rejected by al-Gosaibi, who said that it would discourage unemployed Saudis to seek work.

Al-Gosaibi quoted information from the Central Department of Statistics and Information, which said that 90 percent of unemployed male Saudis are not qualified, and blamed the lack of educational qualifications for the high level of joblessness.

The country has been taking steps to solve that problem; earlier this week, the Saudi government said that it would pay half of the tuition fees for nationals studying at private colleges and universities in the country, reported Arab News. The idea was to encourage Saudis to study in the country rather than abroad, said the report.

“This concession will be available for five years from the date of this decision and will be reviewed later by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Higher Education,” said Culture and Information Minister Abdul Aziz Khoja.

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  1. DeniseTheMenace on January 23, 2010 10:57 am

    I second the proposal by Asaad for closing down labor ministry…. I’d also humbly suggest closing down all others too… Foreign and Defence is aptly being handled by americans/Europeans. Interior is Al-Q, The King’s 10,000 plus extended family is well taken care of by the oil revenues…where is the need for ministries…well, the religious ministry needs to stay put though (how else will the common octogenarian men ratify their preteen brides. Readers dont get me wrong by saying “You westerners…etc etc….” I am born and brought up in Saudia and remain committed to the nation’s future.
    Allah Kareem.


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