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Saudi’s media debate

Saudi’s media debate

Senior media executives in the kingdom argue about the freedom of media: what is acceptable, and what is not.

October 25, 2009 1:13 by

Katib also considers the accusations against Al-Majd channel to be “over-exaggerated” and a form of extremism. “This society lacks the art of dialogue. This is manifested by the strong adherence to a certain ideology while ignoring the thoughts and ideologies of the other.” “Nobody should accuse Al-Majd of extremism, [it] is a moderate channel” he added, denying it was ideologically dogmatic as described by some Saudi liberals.

Katib went on to say that Al-Majd and other space channels had the right to have their own ideological agenda that is not separable from religion. “Ideology and religion usually go side by side,” he said.

He added that since it started transmission the channel has been fighting terrorism and the rhetoric of Al-Qaeda. “It is targeting 90 percent of Sunnis while retaining respect and appreciation for the remaining 10 percent who are our partners in the homeland.”

Al-Tunisi has called on media organizations to create a regulatory system. “What we need in the print, audio and visual media is a law,” he said adding that the irresponsible conduct by one or two organizations does not mean all are the same.

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