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Saudi Casanova strikes back

Saudi Casanova strikes back

Mazen Abdul Jawad, who was charged with publicizing vice and confessing to having sexual relations outside marriage on LBC's "Red Line", is doing some damage control.

July 27, 2009 9:53 by

Abdul Jawad said he is surprised the producers used the footage, which among other things shows him sitting in his bedroom heavily decorated in red accessories. In one scene he shows the camera oils and sex toys (the latter were digitally censored by the program’s producers). In another he discusses a sexual encounter that he claims took place with a neighbor when he was 14. Other parts of the segment have him talking graphically about what he enjoys about sex. At the end of the clip, Abdul Jawad is seen heading out into the night to pick up girls.

A summary court in Jeddah has received a torrent of complaints from citizens. Legal experts are saying that even if Abdul Jawad’s comments aren’t taken as a confession of pre-marital sex, he could still be found guilty of the crime of publicizing vice. The punishment for publicizing vice is at the discretion of the judge. If Abdul Jawad ends up defending himself in court he could face a strict punishment of years in prison and lashes.

LBC refused to comment on the matter until it has more time to formulate a response.

Meanwhile, online forums in Saudi Arabia are filled mostly with disgust regarding Abdul Jawad’s performance on the program. It has yet to be seen if his campaign of contrition will be enough to shift this sentiment.

Abdul Jawad is a divorced father of four children, the eldest of which is 14.

First seen in Arab News.

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