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Schools consider e-learning due to H1N1-related closures

Schools consider e-learning due to H1N1-related closures

Schools in Saudi Arabia are testing distance learning mediums lest they’re forced to shut down due to H1N1 cases, reports Arab News.

November 23, 2009 11:39 by

Distance learning is no longer just for the working parent or college student. Kindergarten children using the Internet to download assignments and e-mail their homework has now become a possibility thanks to the swine flu pandemic.

The American International School in Jeddah (AISJ) held a parent information meeting on Saturday regarding its new virtual schooling program that would be put into effect in case of mandatory school closure from the Ministry of Health.

On Monday, the AISJ will implement a test run of their virtual program. Virtual School Day will require students to stay at home and log into their respective virtual platforms. A letter sent home to parents explained that the purpose behind conducting the exercise is to see the effect this would have on the AISJ community and to identify any problems that may need improvement.

“The main purpose behind virtual schooling is to continue to deliver course content to students,” explained Mark English, superintendent for the school.

This uninterrupted education would be done through the Internet and would contain three different virtual platforms, depending whether the student is in elementary, middle or high school.

“It is crucial for the school to have a mechanism in place in case we find ourselves in a situation where attending classes is not an option,” said English.

But with three different platforms, things may be a little difficult.

“I have three children: one in elementary, one in middle school and one in ninth grade,” said a concerned father. “How do you propose a working parent, such as myself, will be able to time manage three different platforms?”

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  1. Roy on February 2, 2010 5:03 am

    I think h1n1 flu was a conspiracy by the vaccination companies. But many of my friends also believe that it was designed to kill people, however I think it was just hyped by the media who were influenced by all those corporations that sold the vaccinations to the many different governments! Do you guys agree??


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