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Sell your ideas sky high

Sell your ideas sky high

Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic has launched a new promotion to help entrepreneurs from around the world sell innovative business ideas.

April 23, 2009 10:21 by

As part of Virgin Atlantic’s 25th birthday celebrations, CEO Richard Branson has announced the launch of PitchTV, a new way to support innovative business plans, according to trend spotting site Enterprising entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas in two-minute videos, which they upload to Virgin’s website. Once a month the company will select some of the best video pitches and let online viewers vote for their favorite. The five most popular ones will then make it on to the PitchTV show which will be shown on Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight entertainment.

The idea is that the airline’s business passengers can watch the videos, and may possibly contact the entrepreneurs behind ideas they like. Virgin also says that it’s a unique way of giving business professionals access to fresh ideas and new ventures.

People have to register on the site to upload entries, and while there are no restrictions on the number of submissions, the videos have to be under 100MB.

Virgin also emphasizes that entrepreneurs must keep in mind that the videos will be seen by general public, and that if necessary, they should protect their ideas beforehand with patents or trademarks.

The competition is open to people across the world.

While most people spend their flights sleeping, reading, chatting, watching movies, playing games or vomiting, it is possible that a potential investor could upon this channel and see an interesting idea. The competition costs no money, and making a two-minute video is not going to cost too much. All you need is a great idea, some cool settings and a lot of votes to be seen.

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