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September 11

September 11

New Metro is Pride of Dubai; Food Quest; Dubai's Wealthy Rent Ferraris; Most Competitive Countries in 2009; Beyond Boom and Bust; 9 Most Unusual Pets

September 11, 2009 11:30 by

New Metro is Pride of Dubai

But will the public use it, asks Reuters.


Dubai‘s Wealthy Rent Ferraris

The rich people in the city finding cheaper ways to indulge their passion for luxury cars because of the economic crisis, says the Wall Street Journal.


Food Quest

Qatar claims to have a new approach from the rest of the Gulf countries in its search for food security, says the Economist.


Beyond Boom and Bust

Market capitalism is productive, efficient and resilient, but has periodic financial crises. Policy mistakes, along with human nature, created this one, says The Times.


UAE Satellite Heralds New Space Race

The country recently launched its first remote sensing satellite, DubaiSat-1, into outer space. But it is not the only one with high ambitions, says the Financial Times.


Most Competitive Countries in 2009

Business Week lists the findings of the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Competitiveness Report 2009-2010.


We’re From Google and We’re Here to Help

As newspapers continue to die from a thousand paper cuts, their savior could be the organization most responsible for their demise, says Portfolio.


Trimming Waste

Slate checks out a greener and cheaper way to deal with garbage.


9 Ways to Cut Energy Costs

Reducing energy use was traditionally for environmental crusaders. But energy costs have been rising in recent years, and so every business has a reason to become more efficient, explains Inc.


9 Most Unusual Pets

From a warming capybara to a distinguished penguin, Oddee checks out some of the world’s most unique pets.

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