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Setting up shop…online

Setting up shop…online

When it comes to online shopping, the GCC is a relatively immature market. But with the financial crisis threatening to run retailers out of business, store managements are looking to the Internet to increase their customer base. Kipp speaks to Dina Saleh, Co-owner, Business Development and Operational Director at S*uce, about buying clothes online, and why it hasn't taken off in the region.

July 19, 2009 2:01 by

Kipp: Do you have an online shopping facility?

Saleh: No, right now our website is outdated. We’re currently updating it. It should be re-launched in the next month and a half; the second phase of the re-launch will be incorporating an online shopping facility.

When it’s done, we want our website to provide a point of difference, and it needs to be as real as possible for our customers. We don’t want it to be just another website.

Kipp: Has the financial crisis instigated the website’s ‘phase two’?

Saleh: No. Phase two has been in the plans for two year. We knew the online shopping facility will be added eventually, but we were focused on our stores. Dubai had such high tourist numbers – and the tourists would visit regularly anyway – so working on our online shopping capabilities wasn’t a pressing issue.

Are we moving faster because of the financial crisis? I don’t think that’s what’s driving us. I think that we’ve been working towards that anyway.

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