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Seven of the most expensive divorces

Sure Kim Kardashian’s infamous split from beau Kris Humphries isn’t going to end with a terrific settlement, but we couldn’t help but take a look at some of the most expensive divorces to date.

November 2, 2011 5:01 by

  • When the Saudi Arabian international arms dealer and businessman Adnan Khashoggi divorced his UK bride Soraya in 1982 twenty years after they got married, Soraya walked away with an out-of-court settlement of as much as $874 million.

  • After a 30-year marriage, LA Dodger's owner Frank McCourt and his wife Jamie got divorced this October with a $1.2 billion settlement including six homes. She almost got the $800 million LA Dodgers team, but he fought for its and she finally relinquished any claim to a share of the team. The latest reports show Frank ended up selling the Dodgers anyway, set auction this November.

  • Surely this is one of the most memorable. When Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch divorced Anna Murdoch, she walked away with $1.7 billion. Chunk change for the media mogul who married Wendi Deng just 17 days after the divorce.

  • Where were you when you heard about Tiger’s multiple adultery splashed all over the news? It was a tough and widely publicised rift, but when Elin Nordegren divorced golfing pro Tiger Wood she received $750 million as part of their divorce settlement

  • After a 33-year marriage with the former President of Zambia, Frederick Chiluba, ex-wife Vera asked for a settlement that was nearly more than 75 perce of Zambia’s GDP settlement—we are talking of a hefty $2.5 billion which included six houses and a farm, she is also demanding over 400 cows, sheep, and goats.

  • After 4 years of marriage, Sir Paul McCartney divorced his wife Heather Mills and was ordered to pay up to $48.7 million. There were some nasty events that ensued, including one about taping phone conversations, but let’s not get into that right now.

  • It was a mighty $168 million that Michael Jordan dished out to his ex-wife Juanita Vanoy Jordan. Oh yeah, she also got possession of their seven-acre estate and custody of their three kids.


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