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Sex Ed and the city

Sex Ed and the city

A book on sex education published recently by an Emirati woman has come under fire for tackling taboo subjects.

February 26, 2009 2:12 by

A book on sexual education, written by Wedad Lootah, a counselor at the Dubai Family Court, has ruffled a lot of feathers in the UAE, reports Arab News. The 221-page book titled The Secrets of Sexual Congress Between Married Couples – the first of its kind in the UAE – hit stores a month ago, and addresses marriage in Islam, the right ways to have sex, and why sex is important for married couples to stay happy.

The book’s opponents have threatened Lootah, claiming that its contents should not be discussed publicly. One of the chapters, which deals with intimate details such as how to act on the wedding night, what is foreplay, how to bathe together, the sounds to be made during sex, the best and worst positions, kissing different parts of the body, and watching pornographic content while having sex, has come under specific fire, says Al Lootah, however, justified the chapter, saying that the matters were put in the form of questions and answers, and all the answers came from books about the Prophet’s life and other religious books.

“I have been subject to much criticism from families; I have actually received a death threat by phone, and one of the people who called me said that if he sees me anywhere, he will kill me, because I’m motivating wives against husbands and opening their eyes on sexual matters and teaching them their rights during sex. But I didn’t care about it and decided to publish the book,” she told the website.

Lootah also said that she faced opposition from her family, who tried to stop her from publishing the book. Ultimately, her family forced her to delete 100 pages because they felt the content was too bold and spoke about “acceptable sexual things.”

The book was published at the author’s own expense, and she spent three years editing it. The book is based on the findings of a study she conducted in 2006.

“I have met married women for many years and they have been treated in a bad, wrong sexual way. And they don’t know this,” she said, adding that some women also refuse sex and consider it the act humiliating.

“I am speaking about a reality people are trying to hide,” she told Al Arabiya.

Lootah has also included stories in her book, which she claims are based on real life instances.

“Some have accused me of being an agent to the US and Israel, and some have accused me of being an infidel. But I don’t think that because my goal is higher, and it is correcting the mistakes the married people make in their sexual life,” she told Al Arabiya.

“I am not shy to speak about sexual problems.”

In spite of all the criticism, Lootah says several people have also appreciated her effort and have said that the region needs this information.

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