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Shake it up, WEF

Shake it up, WEF

Where there’s a WEF, there’s a crowd of exceptionally smart movers and shakers…maybe they can shake things up a little and get us out of the financial mess we’re in

November 6, 2008 1:37 by

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) website, over 800 of the world’s brightest people are coming to Dubai to attend the forum. Any city, including Dubai, could do with more smart people, and conference halls full of them is always a good thing. Especially now, when uncertainty and lack of information are further rousing negative sentiment among investors, bringing regional markets to their knees.


Perhaps, because of the discussions, the schmoozing, and the deals that may be forged between ‘movers and shakers’ during the WEF, Dubai’s business and finance communities can come up with strategies to get us all out of the financial slump we’re in. And perhaps they can come up with strategies to earn the region’s investors’ confidence back. It’s just a thought.


But even if forum ends with no deals (which is unlikely) and no definitive plans to give regional markets the kiss of life (it’s possible), Dubai wins.


All the publicity the WEF will generate will propel the city further into the world’s media limelight, reinstating Dubai’s image as the region’s business hub. Whether it will dispel the negative publicity the emirate has received due to its shrinking property market is another issue.


For now, Dubai has the mammoth task of ensuring that the WEF goes well. Besides all the security and organizational challenges, the WEF hosts some of the world’s most pampered and demanding businessmen and women, and they know what to expect from a well organized conference. Remember the WEF in Sharm El Sheikh, May 2008? When the registration process was chaotic and flies swarmed the speakers? We wouldn’t want that to happen here.


Hopefully Dubai will make a better impression. Besides, the city has years of experience with conferences of all sizes. But if there’s one thing that always trips up organizers in the emirate, it’s registration. Our advice is to get there early. Very early.


The forum begins tomorrow, November 7, and ends on Sunday, November 9. For more information about the World Economic Forum in Dubai, go to

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