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Sharaf DG offers its most unusual bargain at GITEX Shopper


Buy a TV for AED130,000 to get a BMW sedan for free.

October 7, 2013 4:20 by

There’s nothing quite like an unbelievable bargain to remind you that the GITEX Shopper is back in town. And a new, arguably crazy, deal by Dubai-based retailer Sharaf DG certainly takes home the prize.

Purchase a Hisense 84-inch ultra high-definition (4K) smart TV for approximately AED130, 000 and get a free BMW 316i sedan to go with it.

There are absolutely no strings attached, apart from paying the money to buy the TV.

Although Sharaf DG, BMW and Hisense have invested in this marketing stunt together, apparently neither of are in it for profits.

Nilesh Khalkho, CEO of Sharaf DG, says as of Sunday afternoon, it has received 11 confirmed orders.

“We have 22 cars and 25 TVs ready for delivery. In case the demand goes beyond that, then the three partners will have to discuss how the logistics can be done, because the cars have to be imported. If it exceeds, then the customer will have to wait until December to get the car,” he says.

On a side note, Kippreport recently spotted two separate but equally unusual classified ads on

Interestingly, both advertisers are selling identical 84-inch TV sets for AED45,000 and AED75,000 respectively. We wonder what that’s about…

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