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Sharjah taxi drivers back on Strike

Sharjah taxi drivers back on Strike

The Sharjah labour dispute shows no signs of abating, judging by the 600 cabbies that have handed in their resignation and the 2,000 taxi drivers that went on strike this week.

November 25, 2010 3:05 by

Sharjah taxi drivers are in the news again. Barely three weeks after their previous strike and mass resignation, the National reports that more than 2,000 drivers were involved in another mass strike this week. (Though it’s not getting enough media attention, according to one of Kipp’s friends.)

The reason for the strike? The contentious fee that provoked the initial round of protests, now coupled with the slack processing of those who chose to resign when the new rules came in.

The drivers who handed in their resignation earlier this month (in protest of a new rule that required every driver to pay Dh0.52 for every kilometer travelled) say the Sharjah Taxi companies have delayed processing their papers  in what they claim is a bid to keep them working.

Others whose papers have been processed argue the taxi companies have not honoured their word about resignation settlements. Ali Hossain, a Citi Taxi driver, is taking his company to court over the Dh18,000 he claims they have to pay him. Speaking to The National, he said “We have always been given only our monthly commission. In our agreement we were to get our basic salary once we leave the company and this would be some good money for people like me.”

In response the Sharjah Transport Company released a statement saying “It is every driver’s right to go to the Ministry of Labour and seek justice if they believe their working rights are being violated” and that they were ready to “implement any recommendations from the ministry to address the complaints.”

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