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Should you go for gold?

Should you go for gold?

Demand for gold has increased tenfold in the last decade while the dollar continues to drop as it floods the market. Will this mean a return to the Gold Standard?

March 27, 2012 4:25 by

“Gold is certainly rare, but is it money?”

This is just one of the points to ponder in this two-minute clip from The Victory Report about the impact of rising gold prices on the future of money.

It’s a timely discussion to make, given that the global economic recession has prompted investors to be less ‘risky’ and buy into tried and tested markets such as gold. But is it the right move when it comes to safeguarding your wealth?

Although gold is traditionally seen as a safe investment dating back from when gold money was first minted 2,500 years ago, analysts are divided on whether this sentiment still holds true.

The video suggests that if the economy is fixed immediately and politicians can fix the deficit, then money regains value and ‘maybe’ gold will lose some of its investment lustre. That is, however, a very big IF.

For now, though gold remains strong—and is getting even stronger—with analysts predicting the next 12-month target for gold will be upwards of $2,000.

What does this all mean? Well, with advancements in technology and the problems that money values are facing, one suggestion is that currency itself may enter into a new chapter of evolution.

Here’s the video:

In the Middle East, gold is equally (if not more) seen as a stable investment. Gold not only has economic ties but traditional, and therefore emotional, ones as well. It won’t be surprising if Middle East investors, who naturally gravitate toward gold investments anyway, come out winning this year. But how long-term is this ‘win’ and will the GCC’s dollar peg greatly affect the potentially positive impact of rising gold prices?

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