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Sprawling shopping centers, a multi-ethnic population, and a whole island packed with tourist attractions…say hello to Singapore.

December 14, 2009 9:42 by

I stayed a couple of nights at the Rasa Sentosa Resort, which is the only hotel on the island with a beach front. However, what they don’t mention in the brochure is that while the beach front is very clean, the sea is jammed with cargo ships. And in the far distance, there’s a vast factory, complete with menacing towers that billow smoke. That said, the hotel is comfortable, although it could use a little maintenance.

Since I was on the island, I indulged myself: I raced screaming kids down the Sentosa Luge and enjoyed the view of the island on the Skyride. I had my MASH moment and rode the MegaZip from the top of a hill to the beach. I watched Songs of the Sea, a laser and water show that broke the silly-barrier when smiling faces were projected into the sky. I lazed by the enormous hotel pool while boisterous children dive bombed right beside me. And finally, I ate the biggest seafood on ice platter I’d ever seen at Rasa Sentosa’s seafood restaurant, Barnacles Restaurant & Bar. I’ve included a photo of the platter in the slideshow.

After my second night in Sentosa, my short break was over. I spent four nights in Singapore, which isn’t enough to explore the city-state thoroughly, but at least I’d seen it. And in spite of warnings that you can’t travel far for a short break, it’s still worth travelling to a country like Singapore for a few days.

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