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Six degrees of Angela Merkel

A Doctor in physics holds the fate of the euro zone in her hands. Find out how she’s connected to Latin America’s favorite pop star (of Lebanese ancestry, by the way).

May 27, 2010 1:45 by

King Abdullah II of Jordan

Jordan’s King Abdullah II hosted former Soviet leader Gorbachev and other Nobel  laureates  at the fourth annual Petra Conference of Noble Laureates in 2008. The BBC called Abdullah “one of the new generation of Arab leaders.” His ascendancy to the throne followed an unexpected course when he assumed the throne at the age of only 37. The son of the late King Hussein of Jordan and the UK-born Princess Muna, Abdullah had a successful career in the Jordanian army and an international education.

He attended Sandhurst military academy, serving in the British army in West Germany and Britain. He pursued master’s studies at Oxford and Georgetown Universities and prepared a master’s thesis on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Although Abdullah’s half brother Hamzah was expected to assume power after the death of their father, Abdullah was named successor just days before Hussein’s death.

Just a few days ago he met with…


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