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Six Degrees of… Rupert Murdoch

A finger in every pie and a salary of $20 million. But how can we connect the media mogul to UAE royalty via a Bollywood megastar and a hotel heiress?

July 15, 2010 5:21 by

Leonardo DiCaprio

The veteran film star and heartthrob of Titanic was spotted after a day at the games, partying with Hilton and friends at club Fez. “She and her friends were on a table next to Leo and his entourage,” Hollywood reported.”They hung out all night, but went their separate ways at the end.”

Celebrity media reported this was the second spotting of Hilton and DiCaprio together in recent weeks, as the World Cup convened celebrities and big-shots from the four corners to witness the first time the continent has hosted the tournament. In fact, the month long event reportedly kept the air traffic control tower at Durban hopping, as private jets flew in for the games.

Along with DiCaprio and entourage, the city welcomed a private jet carrying the actor’s Bollywood counterpart and acquaintance …


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