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Six Degrees of… Rupert Murdoch

A finger in every pie and a salary of $20 million. But how can we connect the media mogul to UAE royalty via a Bollywood megastar and a hotel heiress?

July 15, 2010 5:21 by

Shahrukh Khan

Kipp would be willing to bet that Khan and DiCaprio talked a little shop between football matches. Earlier this year, the big screen idols met up in Berlin in what one celebrity writer called a “major Hollywood-Bollywood collaboration.”

And if things go as planned, the two superstars may also be sharing the big screen before much longer. The film reportedly in the works is Xtrme City, “a project that would marry Indian ethos with Western sentiment….[and] combine the cinematic traditions of both Bollywood and

Hollywood and provide wholesome cross-culture entertainment.” Wow, sounds intriguing.

And speaking of crossing cultures, that’s exactly what Khan did when he called on ….


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