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Six Degrees of Steve Jobs

Apple’s billionaire head honcho has just masterminded the launch of the iPhone 4. But how can we connect him to Paul McCartney via a famous Buddhist leader?

July 1, 2010 4:18 by

Lee Kwan Yew

“A world-class pundit, speaking his mind with impolitic frankness,” is how one analyst described Lee Kwan Yew, former prime minister of Singapore. Still hugely influential in his country, Yew, now serving as a “Senior Minister,” has gained an international reputation for his outspoken analysis on the pitfalls of American-style democracy.

“The expansion of the rights of the individual has come at the expense of orderly society,” he said in an interview published in Foreign Affairs, and expressed his doubts that America’s unique brand of individualism could ever take hold in East Asia.

Yew met with Governor Dabbagh and a number of SAGIA executives in 2006 to explore deepening the investment ties between Singapore and the Kingdom. SAGIA’s Singapore office aims to promote investments in Saudi Arabia and serve the needs of investor clients.

In spite of his somewhat anti-American stance, Yew has a fan in…


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