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Six Degrees of Steve Jobs

Apple’s billionaire head honcho has just masterminded the launch of the iPhone 4. But how can we connect him to Paul McCartney via a famous Buddhist leader?

July 1, 2010 4:18 by

Paul McCartney

The celebrity-rumor mill has it that Paul McCartney has written a personal letter to the Dalai Lama, urging the Buddhist leader not to eat meat.

Apparently, the former Beatle is confident enough in his own religious practice to point out the Dalai Lama’s failings. And while practitioners of the faith vary in their interpretation of the Buddhist tenet, “do not kill,” McCartney sees little wiggle room in the matter.

In an interview, the cultural icon McCartney reportedly said, “I found out he was not a vegetarian, so I wrote to him saying ‘Forgive me for pointing this out, but if you eat animals then there is some suffering somewhere along the line.’

“[The Dalai Lama] replied saying that his doctors had told him he needed it, so I wrote back saying they were wrong,” McCartney added.


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