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Six Degrees of Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem

The head honcho at Dubai World is now a globally known business figure. But how can we link him to a hardcore rocker in six simple steps?

June 17, 2010 5:19 by

Gordon Brown, former prime minister of the UK

The BBC called him an “enigmatic politician” with a “formidable intellect” and “iron determination.” Former PM Brown, born in Scotland in 1951, was a gifted academic and athlete, a journalist and accomplished politician from an “everyman background.”

His father was a Church of Scotland minister, and Brown credits his parents for their inspiration and moral direction in his life.  Brown has struggled with his public persona, which the BBC once characterized as that of a “dour, self-absorbed figure, a ‘control freak’, who has spent more than a decade coveting the job of his more charismatic Downing Street neighbor.”

But Brown has been at the forefront of a litany of milestone moments during a political career that spanned four decades.  When Brown met Bin Sulayem earlier this year, it was to mark the start of one of Britain’s largest infrastructure projects – the 1.5 billion pound London Gateway. The ambitious project will combine UK’s deep-sea port with Europe’s largest logistics park.

But even the best of us have our off-days, and that’s a nice way to characterize the upshot of the one day Jeddah energy summit, when Brown met with ….


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