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Six Degrees of Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem

The head honcho at Dubai World is now a globally known business figure. But how can we link him to a hardcore rocker in six simple steps?

June 17, 2010 5:19 by

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Al Saud

“Long on analysis, but short on solutions” was the media’s take on the 2008 Jeddah energy summit, which convened to address then-“rocketing oil prices.”

The Jeddah Summit, chaired by Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, while lofty on intention, proved ultimately unproductive, as the delegates failed to reach any consensus on pressing matters at hand.

Despite challenges like the Jeddah summit, the King has successfully steered his kingdom into position as one of the wealthiest nations in the region. King Abdullah descends from the ruling Al Saud family, and succeeded the late King Fahd, his half- brother, in 2005. He was previously the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, and is widely regarded as untainted by corruption, lending considerable credibility to his efforts to fight it, the BBC said.

Born in 1924, King Abdullah received a traditional religious training, and continues to revere Saudi customs and tribal traditions, the BBC added. His initiatives to advance education, science and community development are important priorities for this neighborly royal…


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