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The Six Degrees of Usain Bolt

As Usain Bolt became the first man ever to win six Olympics gold medals in sprinting, Kipp finds out how the fastest man on earth is connected to a famous fashion designer and Dubai Cares.

August 12, 2012 6:48 by

Ali Mostafa

Ali Mostafa is a young British-Emirati filmmaker, director and producer who is recognized for a number of successful films. He is the first Emirati to write, co-produce and direct a multilingual film made exclusively in Dubai, “Dar Al-Hayy” (City of Life). The feature film was premiered at DIFF 2009 and instantly transformed Ali Mostafa into a pioneer for the UAE’s emerging cinema industry. The film broke box office records for an Emirati film. Last year he teamed up with MBC Group to produce online mini-series titled ‘Classified’ catering to Arab online viewers, exclusive to MBC’s online platform. The thrilling drama about four friends taking a journey across the region will be covered in four episodes. Recently, Mostafa was appointed as UAE Goodwill Ambassador to put Britain as a world-class tourism destination on the world map. There is more to this young filmmaker than just filmmaking. He contributes his time to doing charity and playing humanitarian role in the Sahel region of Africa…


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